The Heavenly Cow from which all life flows.
This drawing is a reproduction of the interior back panel of the Gilded Shrine I discovered in 1923 by Carter in KV62, the tomb of Tutankhamun (ca. 1333 - 1323 BC).
Piankoff, A.: The Shrines of Tut-Ankh-Amun, Bollingen Series - New York, 1955.

Excegen develops adapted bovine genetics and offers genetic material and support services to producers and the environment, whereas guaranteeing food safety to consumers.

Excegen Genética SA is a Brazil-based agro-bioscience company founded in 2003 and dedicated to the creation of value through genetic tools with focus on the cattle industry.

The company is owned and managed by its founder-, expert- and management team:

Supervisory Board
Cmd. Paulo M. Serrano Neves (Chairman)

Scientific Board
L.D. Dr. Sergio U. Dani (Chairman, Genetics)
Prof. Sergio V. A. Campos (Bioinformatics)
Dr. Maria Angela G. C. Dani (Molecular Biology)
Eduardo K. Pedroso, MBA (Quality Management and Food Safety)
Prof. Hani C. Yehia (Engineering, Modeling)

Administrative Board
Jesiel B. Gomes (Chairman, Controller)
Otacílio Soares (Finances)

Importance of the Brazilian market
  • World's largest commercial bovine herd (~200 million)
  • World's largest exporter of beef by volume and value
  • Low risk of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) with grass fed cattle ('Green Beef', 'Green Dairy')
  • Low production costs (grass fed cattle cost half as much, per pound, as grain fed cattle)
  • Vast native pasture lands (just a fraction of potential pasture land currently in use)

Excegen Nelore research herd
G1G1 parental strain: less productive, but thrifty;
G1G2 terminal strain: optimal heterosis;
G2G2 parental strain: productive, but demanding.
Photograph by S.U. Dani, © Excegen Genetica SA

Thrifty gene provides for survival
Pairwise body weight differences associated with different GH genotypes changed symmetrically from São Carlos (ad libitum pasture/feedlot feeding) to Paracatu (DR-dietary restriction, rough pasture). These changes are reflected in the magnitude and direction of the differences, as measured by Cohen's d effect size measure. G2/G2 and G1/G2 animals performed better than G1/G1 under ad libitum conditions, but under DR the relative performance was inverted: G1/G1 performed better.
Dani et al. 2010. Genet Mol Res 9:1032-1044.

Growth curves of parental strains and terminal strain under nutritional restriction
The large genetic variability of Brazilian zebu cattle affects the optimization of gains. In 2007, Excegen run a feeding test to evaluate the weight gain of different strains of young Nelore bulls (Bos indicus) in the Cerrado biome at Paracatu-MG. The terminal strain gained, on average, 5% more weight than the respective parental strains. This study validated the use of parental strains of bovine cattle selected by marker-assisted selection to produce optimized terminal strains in Brazil.

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Dani MA, von Cube M, Freire IL, Suguisawa L, Fischer C, Dani SU. 2012. Synergistic and threshold effects of GH1 and GHR promoter size variation on body growth and fat accrual in young Nelore (Bos indicus) bulls. Genet Mol Res 11:1783-1798.

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Brazil Ministry of Science and Technology,
FiNEP-Financiadora de Estudos e Projetos
2004 Technology Innovation Prize.

UFMG-Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil,
ICB-Biological Sciences Institute
2004 award ad honorem.

Patent Nr. PI 0207939-9, RPI 8/09/2004, INPI, Brazil. Dani SU/Genon Genética ltda (transferred to PI 0403770-7 with Excegen Genetica SA, 2006): 'Método de seleção de bovinos com maior capacidade de aumento de peso'. (Method for selection of bovines with higher weight gain abilities).

Patent Nr. PI 0403770-7 A, publ. RPI 1843, 2 Maio 2006, p. 80, INPI, Brazil. Dani SU, Dani MA/Excegen Genetica SA: 'Método de seleção de bovinos com maior capacidade de crescimento e ganho de peso.' (Method for selection of bovines with higher growth and weight gain abilities).

Patent Nr. PI 0503427-2 (22), publ. RPI 1892, 10 Abril 2007, p. 76, INPI, Brazil. Dani SU/Excegen Genetica SA: 'Método de seleção de bovinos com tipos metabólicos distintos para crescimento, ganho de peso e qualidade de carcaça.' (Method for selection of bovines of distinct metabolic types for growth, weight gain and carcass quality).

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Genetic Optimization

Parental Strains
Parental strains of cattle are families or stirps of cattle that carry selected genetic traits.

Parental strains are indispensable components of complementary crossbreeding systems aimed at maximizing efficiency and adaptability to the environment.

Crossbreeding is matching genetic diversity to the environment.

Impact for a calf supplier who becomes a packaged-genetics supplier

  • This estimation is based on the effects of the progressive substitution of the conventionally selected calf production model with production of young bulls and heifers of parental strains. Sales of parental strain bulls begin at year 3.
  • Sales of parental strain heifers begin at year 5. The parental strains are used to generate the terminal strain.

SAMPlus®, Apartagenes® use molecular markers to generate genetic profiles which are then used to maximize the selection of cattle.

PADAM® uses the profiles generated by SAMPlus® to identify the ideal match between individual animals for breeding.

PROLIN® uses the information gained from SAMPlus® and PADAM® to create parental strains of cattle.

RASTREX-MATPlus® is a DNA traceability program with ecotype genetic signature in order to increase food safety and to guarantee socio-environmental conservation.

PARENTPlus® is a parentage testing program coupled with marker-assisted selection.

* Mandatory

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